Reminder: The ADL Promoted Anti-Semitic BDS Supporter Ilhan Omar

It used to be that the ADL claimed to fight anti-Semitism. Now it promotes anti-Semitism.

As Rep. Ilhan Omar is in the eye of the storm after trying to minimize the impact of the Holocaust on Jews and after semi-apologizing for her previous anti-Semitic remarks, it's important to remember that instead of standing up to Omar, the Greenblatt ADL actually promoted her.

The ADL had backed a book titled The Good Fight, which as this Tweet shows, actually promoted Omar.

Omar had tweeted, "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them". But that didn't stop the ADL from celebrating her in this tweet and in The Good Fight.

Jonathan Greenblatt's tenure at the ADL has seen the organization endorse lefty anti-Semitism again and again. it's taken money from Pierre Omidyar, a leading funder of alt-left anti-Semitism and has celebrated Soros while selling out Israel.


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