The State of the Union Must Go On

The State of the Union is a constitutionally mandated responsibility by the President of the United States.

Speaker Pelosi's recent push to prevent President Trump from delivering it typifies the fact that from the government shutdown to impeachment threats, the Democrats largely exist now to impede the proper and orderly functioning of government.

Pelosi's claims about security are nonsensical. 

The same system that is able to provide security for the House and for the President of the United States separately, can certainly manage to provide security for the State of the Union.

And will do so.

The question is how far will Speaker Pelosi go in her petty attempt at sabotage?

The true significance of the State of the Union, in modern times, is that it allows the public to witness the meeting of two branches of the national government. It's understandable that Pelosi, who refused to attend negotiations with President Trump to end the Democrat shutdown over border security sabotage, would want to prevent that from happening.

President Trump and Republicans however must uphold this proud tradition and constitutional mandate. Wherever the State of the Union is held, and whoever attends, will be a clear dividing line between the elected officials working for this country and those working to undermine it.


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