Supreme Court Allows Trump to Serve as Commander in Chief

In the Trump era, Dem judicial activism shifted from controversy to coup. Three prominent examples stand out. 

1. The attempts to block Trump's authority over immigration

2. The effort to force Trump to maintain Obama's illegal alien DACA amnesty

3. The insistence that Trump did not have the right to restore the pre-existing transgender military policy

In all three cases, an area where the President of the United States traditionally enjoys a great deal of authority, and where all Trump did was restore pre-Obama policies, were blocked by Democrat judges.

The Supreme Court weakly blocked the overreach on transgender enlistment, while still letting it play out. And so the battle will continue. Even though there are zero legal grounds since the military's physical standards don't discriminate, they expect healthy troops.

If that's discrimination, then the military will face a series of employment lawsuits that will leave it unable to function.

But President Trump is attacked on every side for simply restoring the common sense status quo. Forget passing new laws. He isn't even allowed to enforce existing ones.