Trump Takes Out Muslim Terrorist Behind USS Cole Bombing as Muslim Pro-Terror Congresswoman Vows to Impeach Him

President Trump's campaign in Yemen, despite opposition from Senate Democrats, some Senate Republicans and the media, had succeeded in taking out an Al Qaeda terrorist behind the USS Cole bombing.

Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi, who had helped orchestrate the bombing that killed 17 American sailors and wounded 39 others, was taken out by a drone strike.

Meanwhile Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the first openly pro-terrorist Muslim Democrat in the House, vowed to impeach President Trump.

But despite such threats and sabotage from Democrats, the United States continues taking out Islamic terrorists worldwide.

Rep. Tlaib promised, “we’re gonna impeach the motherf---er.”.

But as Al-Badawi had learned, it's America's promise to fight Islamic terrorism everywhere that matters.