Twitter Bans Conservative Host for Telling Truth About Police Shooting

Twitter began by censoring more straight controversial cases. And then the onion began to be sliced more and more thinly.

The censorship of Lars Larson is particularly outrageous because it's so blatantly political.

Iannarone tweeted a report by The Oregonian, which says a Southeast Portland tenant and his landlord called police after Gladen—who suffered from schizophrenia and was legally blind—refused to leave a doorstep.

Police say Gladen entered the home when they arrived, and an officer shot and killed him. A witness alleges Gladen pulled a knife.

"We know the police kill," Iannarone wrote. "[The] question is whether we will ever stop funding this deadly paramilitary force and start funding things that actually keep the people of Portland safe."

Larson, in reply, wrote, "Gee @sarahforpdx you think the cops make PDX dangerous? Read the story and you find the dead man was 1) paranoid schizophrenic 2) invaded a stranger's home 3) fought with the officer 4) pulled a knife. What's your millennial snowflake solution to that situation without the cops?"

The tweet—which was flagged as "hateful content"—got Larson banned for 12 hours.

This is the fundamental problem with turning over the marketplace of ideas to leftist companies. And it will only grow worse.