Yes, Nathan Phillips Lied About Being a Vietnam Vet

The media is running its familiar fact check routine on the Covington Catholic story in which any claim favorable to Republicans is cast in enough ambiguity and parsed so many times that it becomes meaningless while any claim favorable to Democrats is delivered straight up.

Take Nathan Philips. A major aspect of the story of this supposed Vietnam vet and tribal elder was these two identities. Both are problematic. But the Vietnam veteran part has conclusively been disproven. And the media is trying to parse the exact words that Philips said, while overlooking the impression that he intended to create with those words.

Philips tried to create the impression that he was a Vietnam vet. He's not alone. Just ask Senator Blumenthal. He used a term like "Vietnam-times veteran", which doesn't reflect his actual service, and is again, clearly intended to create the impression of something that isn't true.

Instead of addressing the obvious intent, the media does its best to keep on giving him a pass.

There's a reason that Philips keeps throwing in Vietnam, when he was never there. He wants some of that image without ever taking the risks. And that's the story behind his Covington lies. He self-dramatizes, telling a story that makes him seem like a hero. 

Even if it's a lie.