1% Class Warfare Socialist w/#MeToo and Anti-Semitism Issues Runs for President

You gotta give Bernie credit.

No matter how many times Senator Elizabeth Warren has been kicking her fellow socialist (her child care plan rollout is curiously timed with Bernie's announcement), he wouldn't let anything keep him out of the race.

Having gone from unemployed human failure and traveled through the ranks of government on no more than clamorous calls for socialism, he can smell the ultimate prize waiting for him at the White House.

Never mind the media showing renewed interest in his campaign's #MeToo issues (which this reporter covered back when the media was still covering up for them), the fact that black people would rather vote for a Gov. Northam (while wearing blackface) than him, or the fact that the most significant thing he did before making it official was lend his support to Rep. Omar's anti-Semitism, he's back.


The crazy wing of the Dems still believe in him. Which will make this a three-sided race between Biden, Bernie and Kamala Harris, holding up the identity politics wing, unless Liz goes full Tonya Harding and sends in the hockey team.

Bernie has the socialist credit. Biden is the guy people remember standing next to Obama. Also, unlike Bernie, he's able to talk to other human beings (while groping them) about something other than Fourier, Marx and the Five-Year-Plan.

Then there's Senator Kamala Harris who fills the left's identity politics quota. (Sorry Cory, try more acting lessons. Emote less. Project more.)

Bernie can't win. All he can do is drag down the process. And that's what he's good at. 

Democrat strategists would like him to leave, but they created this monster. Frankenbernie is the brilliant scheme of a bunch of Dem swamp creatures who couldn't get work with the Clinton campaign. Now they have to live with him.