6 of Top 10 Racist Countries in the World are Muslim

This is new to me. It may not be new to you.

A lot of online news is driven by people digging up things that had been making the rounds years ago. The survey here comes from 2016. But it's been cited by Elder of Ziyon at The Algemeiner just now. And that's where I saw it. So it's news to me.

The source of the survey mashup is a South African site, but it's using a broader base for the survey.

The first survey was conducted by the Washington Post and broadly asked if people would like having people of other races as neighbours. Answers saying no were assumed to have some form of racial basis.

The second survey was more direct, asking whether respondents had seen or experienced racism. All answers that we not a direct “no not at all”, were considered as a check next to racism.

The findings cover the responses of over 85,000 people from 61 countries between 2014 and 2015.

Of the top 10 racist countries, 6, Lebanon (it has an unspoken Muslim majority), Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Kuwait and 'Palestine' are Muslim.

Notably, three others of the ten, India, the Philippines and South Africa, have Muslim minorities.

Only one of the top 10 racist countries, South Korea, has no Muslim population to speak of.

Of the next top 10 racist countries, 7 have majority Muslim populations or Muslim governments, Malaysia, Nigeria, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Algeria, Pakistan, Yemen.

That's 13 out of 20.

The only "European" country to make the top 20 is Russia. 


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