81-Year-Old Man Assaulted in NJ for Wearing MAGA Hat

The "wearing of the red" has become what the "wearin' of the green" once used to be.

And the media is unquestionably playing a role in this by whipping up hate, equating any pro-American sentiment to racism, and then disavowing credit for the violence that invariably follows.

Prosecutors say an elderly man was assaulted inside a New Jersey supermarket after he was confronted over a “Make America Great Again” hat he was wearing.

Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson says the 81-year-old Franklin Township man was shopping at the Shop Rite on Elizabeth Avenue Monday afternoon when he was approached regarding his red cap.

The victim was assaulted and sustained minor injuries, according to prosecutors. He declined medical attention at the scene.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Who attacks a 81-year-old man over politics? Social justice activists.


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