Amazon Didn't Lose Anything, New York Did

I have no affection for Amazon. I have even less affection for the New York progs that thought they could roll Amazon. And Amazon did exactly what anyone would have expected a huge corporation that had cities in a bidding war for its headquarters would do.

It left. Why wouldn't it?

The sad and laughable missives (it's Amazon's loss), the threats of boycott and the essays explaining how New York City is better off without Amazon (the non-New Yorkers who moved there and dominate its upper classes actually believe this) resemble an abusive boyfriend whose girlfriend walks out on him.

It's not you. It's me. Really.

Amazon doesn't need New York. NYC needed Amazon. 

New York's economy offers jobs mainly in tourism, education and healthcare. Two out of those three are largely taxpayer sponsored.

So who needed Amazon to bring in jobs? 

What New Yorkers need is affordable housing, chant the very yuppies from out of the city who have all but eliminated affordable housing while voting in lefty politicians who would rather build homeless shelters in middle class neighborhoods than protect the middle class.

So Amazon is gone now. Soon the furor will die down. Term limits will take out the last generation of local politicos. Most of them won't be able to find jobs in national office. And some of them will go to work as lobbyists for Amazon.

Plus change plus ca change.