Bezos' Washington Post Tries to Blame Trump for its Owner's Sexual Affair

Democracy dies with its pants down

Russiagate has many uses. 

Why, people around Jeff Bezos, have decided, not piggyback on the Clinton conspiracy theories about Russia and Trump, to blame Trump for the exposure of their owner's affair. 

That way, instead of being a wealthy man caught with his pants down, Bezos becomes a Trump victim. And as one of the world's richest men struggles with his predicament, blaming his infidelity on Trump is starting to look like a good strategy.

The first trial balloons were floated in The Daily Beast. But now they've shown up in that little social justice tabloid owned by Bezos, the Washington Post.

The Washington Post has tried to pretend that it's not just a rich man's toy. But the "Trump hacked my pants" piece permanently buries that notion.

The Post can spend all the money on Tom Hanks Super Bowl commercials that it wants. After this, it's just Bezos' pimp.

"Was tabloid exposé of Bezos affair just juicy gossip or a political hit job?" - Washington Post

Democracy dies with its pants down.

I like how this is filed under "politics" when it properly belongs under, "Inventing alibis for my employer's inability to keep his pants on".

Bezos commissioned an investigation into the Enquirer’s investigation of his love life, thereby leaping into a roiling mix of political attacks and conspiracy theories featuring the president of the United States, key figures in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election, minor Hollywood celebrities and the owner of The Washington Post, Bezos himself.

And the three writers of this sad piece, Marc Fisher ,Manuel Roig-Franzia and Sarah Ellison, who hopefully got very drunk after Bezos signed off on it and then extended their Prime memberships.

The saga might have been easily dismissed as little more than tabloid fare, but it has taken on a more serious cast in recent days.

If you count Bezos using the Post to push this sad excuse as more "serious".

A volley of charges and countercharges about how and why the Enquirer launched its investigation has emerged for several reasons, including the history of the Enquirer, which has acknowledged taking actions during the last presidential campaign that benefited Trump politically. Trump, meanwhile, has repeatedly lodged attacks on The Post’s coverage of him and on Bezos, who bought the news company in 2013. And Bezos, the head of a retail giant that is famously loath to comment to the media, has authorized his security chief to speak about his investigation.


The Washington Post is pushing Trump pants hacking conspiracy theories. I think Jeffy did a lot more to make that happen than "authorize", which is a polite way of saying he's using his thug to push conspiracy theories that lefties will eat up.

Bezos’s longtime private security consultant, Gavin de Becker, has concluded that the billionaire was not hacked. Rather, de Becker said in an interview, the Enquirer’s scoop about Bezos’s relationship with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez began with a “politically motivated” leak meant to embarrass the owner of The Post — an effort potentially involving several important figures in Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Then Trump plied Bezos with booze, forced him to have an extensive affair and then did the same thing to Justin Fairfax too.

Is there no end to the evils that the Washington Post won't expose?

I'll skip the rest of the conspiracy theory nonsense from Bezos' social justice tabloid.  I'll just finish with this.

"Bezos and Trump — two wealthy business executives who became famous as billionaire disrupters upending the worlds of retailing and politics — have traded Twitter barbs in the past. And Trump often lumps Bezos’s separate ventures, Amazon and The Post, together in an effort to discredit the newspaper’s reporting."

Discredit the newspaper's reporting?


The Washington Post is just as faithful to journalism as Jeff Bezos is to his wife.


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