Black Dem Women Put Race Over Sisterhood, Back Accused VA Lt. Gov Rapist

Feminism ultimately always takes a back seat to racial identity politics. 

Here's a little peek from the New York Times about why Dems keep shrieking that Governor Northam should resign over wearing blackface 34 years ago, while shrugging at the women who have accused Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax of rape.

The Democrats depend increasingly on black female voters. And they tend to vote along racial, not gender lines.

All that "Republicans have a women problem" and "white women are betraying the sisterhood" nonsense that the media was pushing not long ago just went up in smoke.

White women aren't betraying women. Black women who vote monotonously Democrat along purely racial lines are okay with rape, even when the victim is another black woman, because they put race ahead of gender.

As Virginia comes to terms with the possibility that its executive branch for the next three years could include two men who once mocked African-Americans and a third accused of rape, there is an unmistakable racial divide among progressive female advocates and elected officials about whether to resolutely side with Mr. Fairfax’s accusers or to withhold judgment. White women like Ms. Cordovilla tend to unhesitatingly line up with the accusers while African-Americans like Ms. Vasser want to hear a fuller airing of the charges against Mr. Fairfax, who is black, before choosing sides.

An "infinitely" fuller airing. They're not looking for a fuller airing of the accusations that Northam wore blackface. Just the accusations against Fairfax.

These divisions between two vital constituencies for the Democratic Party are agonizing to party officials. “It is not a race issue, it’s a sexual assault issue,” Representative Jennifer Wexton of Virginia said.

But Ms. Wexton personifies why it is imperative that Virginia Democrats resolve what has become an almost unbearably painful dilemma.

She and two other Democratic women won Republican-held seats last year and will need the support of both women and African-Americans in order to win next year in their first re-elections.

And how do you square that circle?

You either support a rapist on racial nationalist grounds or you support rape victims and offend the nationalists. Guess which the Dems are doing?

With all 140 seats in the state Legislature on the ballot and Democrats on the verge of winning majorities in both chambers, the party will reclaim power only with robust turnout from the same blocs.

Identity politics is inherently unstable. Its coalitions require external enemies. When they come into conflict, the whole corrupt arrangement comes apart.

A Northern Virginia legislator who had planned to file impeachment articles against Mr. Fairfax this week backed off after a handful of African-American members implored him, on a Sunday night conference call that grew tense, to keep the issue out of the legislative domain.

And out comes the race card.

Courtney A. Hill, an Arlington-based political strategist who works with and tries to help elect black candidates in Virginia, argued that the focus on the allegations against Mr. Fairfax had been stirred by people who did not want to see another black governor in the state.

“We had Northam and Herring in blackface and standing next to K.K.K. members and now the conversation has shifted to Justin and Justin entirely, and Ralph is going on his apology tour,” Ms. Hill said. “I think race is helping shift that conversation. It doesn’t sit right with me, and it doesn’t make sense to a lot of people who look like me.”

If you think rape is more serious than blackface, you're conspiring against 'blackness' and black nationalist agendas.

It is an even more awkward matter for black female legislators, for reasons that are both political and deeply personal. Many of them represent districts that are heavily African-American and in which the most dependable Democratic voters are women. And these lawmakers are deeply conscious of the history of black men in America being wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct.

Fairfax's accuser is a black woman. But we're still getting this racial victimhood nonsense. 

What frustrates Erin Matson, an abortion rights activist in Arlington, is what it will mean to Virginia women if Mr. Fairfax remains lieutenant governor, a post that includes the high-profile role of presiding over the state Senate every day the General Assembly is in session.

“When we say we believe women and we trust women, we need to set an example for women and girls throughout out the commonwealth who deserve better,” said Ms. Matson, who is white.

...who is white.

But come on now.

Dem women have had to come to terms with Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Keith Ellison and countless others. Al Franken has a huge fan base which is touting his comeback. Before long, he'll be groping feminist choir members again.

Black Dem women defend sexual abusers on racial grounds. White Dem women defend sexual abusers on ideological grounds.

It's like distinguishing between Nazism and Communism. Both are really bad. And in terms of sheer evilness, not all that different.