Get Ready for Cory Booker's Vegan New Deal of Fake Cheese and No Meat

Now we know what's causing all those Booker mood swings

Remember when politicians used to promise two chickens in every pot and a car in every garage?

Now it's "abolish all cars and eat tofurkey".

Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) said the planet "can't sustain" people eating meat, as the 2020 hopeful aims to become the first vegan president.

Hope, Change, Hunger.

Now we know what's causing all those Booker mood swings. It's a soy overdose and a lack of red meat.

While claiming he does not want to lecture Americans on their diets, Booker says Americans need to be nudged into fake cheese because the planet cannot sustain the "environmental impact" of the food industry.

Booker says the "devastating impact" of greenhouse gases produced by the meat industry is "just not practical."

"The numbers just don't add up," he said. "We will destroy our planet unless we start figuring out a better way forward when it comes to our climate change and our environment."

But Booker is fine with zero environmental impact Iranian nukes.

That's implicit in all the Green New Deals. 

If cow flatulence is the greatest threat to the planet, we have to get rid of the cows and make everyone go vegan. Just like Pol Pot.

Booker argues all his nonvegan friends "love" vegan food like his favorites, "vegan pancakes" and "vegan stuffed French toast."

"I've seen incredible vegan cheese shops popping up across the country, and my friends who are lovers of cheese just can't tell the difference," said the senator. "You have pizza: I was at the New Jersey VegFest, and Screamer's Pizza is just phenomenal."

Even when your taste buds can be fooled, and mostly they can't, your body can't be fooled. Moving everyone to a soy diet would raise cancer rates in men. 

But maybe that's not a bug, it's a feature.

I'm reminded of the parable that Jillian related in a recent post.

Nonqawuse was an orphan girl of the Xhosa, a nation of herders and farmers on the east coast of South Africa.

In 1856, when she was 15 years old, she returned one April day from the fields and told her uncle Mhlakazashe that she had met three spirits who said they were her ancestors. They had given her certain instructions for the tribe. If they were obeyed, the white colonists would be driven into the sea.

The instructions were that all the cattle of the tribe must be slaughtered because they were polluted. All cultivation of the fields must be abandoned. All the huts in which everybody lived must be demolished. Then not only would the evil whites be drowned, but the Xhosa would have more crops than ever before, pure and clean.

Follow the link to find out how the story ended.


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