Head of Hollywood #MeToo Group Resigns After Son's Sexual Assault

After the Weinstein implosion, Hollywood's insiders tried to replace #MeToo with #TimesUp. Where #MeToo was about exposing sexual misconduct by Hollywood bigwigs, #TimesUp was about diversity, representation and the assorted distractions.

That conveniently changed the conversation from sexual assault by Hollywood bosses to the need to hire more minorities.

Now #TimesUp has imploded in a very big way.

Lisa Borders, the CEO of Time’s Up, resigned from her post this week after following sexual assault allegations against her son, the gender equality group announced.

Borders initially cited “family concerns that require my singular focus” when she resigned.

"TIME'S UP unequivocally supports all survivors of sexual harassment and abuse," the organization said in a statement. “On Friday, Lisa Borders informed members of TIME’S UP leadership that sexual assault allegations had been made against her son in a private forum. Within 24 hours, Lisa made the decision to resign as President and CEO of TIME’S UP and we agreed that it was the right decision for all parties involved.”

Borders was hired by Time’s Up in October with much fanfare. She previously served as the president of the WNBA and vice president at Coca-Cola.

It's the right decision since #TimesUp is past its due date. #MeToo has moved on past Hollywood. The damage was controlled. 

And Hollywood is now obsessively pushing diversity while the sexual assaults continue. Here's how I wrote up #TimesUp last year.

In true Hollywood style, the solution is sending a lot of money to an established lefty group to tackle the problem: the National Women’s Law Center. It’s the same old Harvey Weinstein solution. Throw money at a trendy lefty cause and keep on inviting actresses up to your hotel room. Play the noble celebrity hero saving poor people in flyover country by writing big checks to big lefty insiders in major cities.

#TimesUp’s noblesse oblige was celebrity rehab for awards season. Spielberg was rolling out The Post. Its theme was Oscar bait, championing the anti-Trump Washington Post, and its stars were living Oscar bait. But Meryl Streep had been accused of knowing all about Harvey’s rapes. Posters for The Post had been vandalized with the “She Knew” tag that followed her name all around La La Land.

Streep led the #TimesUp list. She called for a charge against the safest targets in Hollywood. "I don’t want to hear about the silence of me," she whined to the New York Times. "I want to hear about the silence of Melania Trump.” It was up there with Harvey vowing to focus on fighting the NRA.

But talking about how actresses aren’t being paid enough is a safe subject. The industry can always cut a bigger check to the small club of #TimesUp actresses with negotiating leverage as long as its titans don’t have to stop assaulting the much larger club of actresses with no leverage at all.

Now #TimesUp proved conclusively that diversity doesn't actually stop sexual assault. But that's okay. The lie worked.


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