Hillary Clinton's FBI Ally: Why Yes, DOJ Plotted a Coup Against President Trump

Like every disgraced Spygate figure, Andy McCabe has a book. And a media tour. He put in his contact lenses and he's talking coup.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, speaking out in a new book and TV interview, detailed the central role he played in the bureau's Russia probe and the eventual appointment of a special counsel -- while reportedly describing Justice Department meetings where officials discussed ousting President Trump.

McCabe, who was fired from the bureau in March 2018 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions after it was determined he lied to investigators about a leak, spoke to “60 Minutes” ahead of the release of his new book, “The Threat.” CBS News’ Scott Pelley revealed parts of the interview Thursday morning.

Guy under investigation for leaking does high profile media tour.

The entire Russia conspiracy theory came from the Clinton campaign. And McCabe, a Clinton ally, was using the Clinton conspiracy theory and opposition research to undermine her opponent.

The excerpts detail the eight days between the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. After Comey’s firing, McCabe was acting director of the FBI.

And acting coup director.

On Thursday, Pelley detailed other portions of his sit-down with McCabe on CBS' "This Morning.” Pelley said McCabe described meetings at the Justice Department after Comey's firing to discuss “whether the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president under the 25th Amendment.”

“The highest level of American law enforcement were trying to figure out what to do with the president,” Pelley said Thursday.

In September, Fox News reported details about a meeting on May 16, 2017 at Justice Department headquarters, where the same topic was discussed. Sources told Fox News that McCabe, former FBI counsel Lisa Page, and Rosenstein, who was tasked with oversight of the Russia investigation after Sessions’ recusal, were in the room.

Rosenstein reportedly told McCabe that he might be able to persuade Sessions and then-Homeland Security Secretary and now-former chief of staff John Kelly to begin proceedings to invoke the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein adamantly denied the claims at the time.

We've got multiple Trump opponents and Hillary allies in one room plotting to remove the President of the United States.

That, in laymen's terms, is a coup.

It was completely inappropriate for McCabe, a Clinton ally, to even broach the subject. Furthermore the 25th Amendment is very clearly not a means of removing a president, but of maintaining a chain of authority in case of incapacity. 

Any talk of using the 25th to overturn the results of an election is once again... a coup.

A coup by unelected officials against the White House is a far greater threat than all the Russiagate conspiracy theories. It must be made clear, once and for all, that the DOJ cannot be used as a vehicle for a coup against a Republican president by Democrat officials.

Either that or we turn into Rome.


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