Israel's Deep State Goes All In to Stop Netanyahu's Reelection

The baseless indictment of Prime Minister Netanyahu weeks before Israel's election is a desperate stunt by the country's institutional Deep State Left. Israel's law enforcement is a leftist boy's club and had been desperately seeking to indict Netanyahu and his wife on something, anything, for years, with multiple investigations underway into everything, including his wife's bottle receipts.

Gantz and Lapid, two leftists running under the guise of a fake third party that is really just Labor with a new coat of paint, look like the Left's best shot to replace Israel's conservative government. And sell out the country to the terrorists all over again.

This, along with the fake Otzma scandal, looks like the Israeli equivalent of a November surprise.

Israel's conservative parties have been divided by the usual shameless careerism that will waste countless votes. Gantz has been propped up as a fake centrist leader. 

The only question is whether Israeli voters will fall for it.

They haven't before. And the timing of the indictment communicates everything about the corruption, not that of Netanyahu, but of the leftist political establishment abusing its power to go after him.

It's a corrupt establishment, a vast and arrogant bureaucracy, that ordinary Israelis encounter every day. And they know that Gantz and Lapid are the beneficiaries of a corrupt 'protektsia', the same one that exempts them from the challenges of dealing with that system.

Israelis have repeatedly turned back efforts by the Left to rule openly. But they have been tricked into voting for fake third parties, like Lapid's, operating under the guise of reform. 

The question is how much will they be fooled?

The polls, as usual, are meaningless. The question will be once again decided at the ballot box.


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