Jussie Smollett Wasn't Assaulted by a Conservative, but a Berkeley Conservative was Assaulted by a Leftist

Jussie Smollett perpetrated two hoaxes: one specific and one general.

The incident that he claimed happened had actually been staged by him, but while political violence does occur in America, it's largely directed at conservatives, not carried out by conservatives.

The same media that rushed to falsely blame conservatives for the Jussie Smollett hoax, is uninterested in an actual attack that was caught on camera.

Video footage obtained exclusively by Campus Reform shows Hayden Williams,  a Leadership Institute field representative, was punched multiple times by an unidentified person calling him a “racist...b*tch." The Leadership Institute is Campus Reform's parent organization. At the time of the incident, the alleged victim was helping students recruit other conservatives for Turning Point USA behind a table with a sign that read, "hate crime hoaxes hurt real victims,” a reference to the Jussie Smollett case in Chicago. 

But at least twice, the situation turned violent and now, police are asking for help in identifying the suspects. 

“Mother f*cker. You racist little inbred b*tch. C**t!,” the man who punched the alleged victim shouted. 

At one point, the same man said he would "shoot" Williams

The best way disprove leftist hoaxes is with leftist realities.

This is what political violence in America looks like.

Thugs don't harass members of the Obama administration. They harass members of the Trump administration. They don't show up to assault MSNBC anchors at their homes, but FOX News personalities.