Let's Ban Plastic Utensils in a City That Lives on Take Out

In the last ten years, New York City has been taken over by the same radical idiot Left (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is only their most visible national figure) that has wrecked San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, etc...) Watching Corey Johnson at work. Or seeing Mayor Bill de Blasio visibly frustrated by the revolution that brought him to power is both tragic and hilarious.

As is this.

City Councilman and public-advocate wannabe Rafael Espinal (D-Brooklyn) — whose attempt to ban plastic straws has been stalled since June — now hopes to nix plastic utensils with a measure he introduced Wednesday.

But he won’t make his skittish colleagues actually vote on the costly ban, which could push delis, bodegas and street vendors to stop handing out utensils altogether — or start using compostable forks, knives and spoons that cost up to 1,500 percent more than ordinary disposable flatware.

New York City lives off takeout. 

Making the price of the plasticware in takeout more expensive than the actual meal would be insane. But so was banning plastic bags. And plastic straws. And banning cows and planes.

People adapt to miserable conditions. That's human nature.

It's also damaging, unnecessary cult-like behavior.

But these days New York City doesn't have a middle class. It has a welfare class, to which none of the rules apply, and an upper class which is desperate to environmentally flagellate its takeout.

So it will get what it deserves.


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