New York Magazine Publishes Anti-Semitic Rant in Support of Anti-Semitic Terror Group

The media has been saturated with Qatari/Iranian propaganda in support of Iran's Houthi terrorists in Yemen.

The motto of the Houthi Jihadists is, "Death to America, Death to Israel,  A Curse the Jews, Victory to Islam".  

The Houthis really don't want lefty apologists to misunderstand their hatred for Jews as being, in the apologist parlance, mere anti-Zionism. They're anti-Semitic and they want us to know it. 

Despite that (or perhaps because of it), the media has embraced the Houthis (while often refusing to provide any details about them). The Washington Post, D.C.'s Jihadist social justice tabloid, gave a Houthi leader space to spread his propaganda. 

And the media has popularized the lie that Saudi air strikes have been responsible for the famine in Yemen, when it was the Houthis.

The AP was the lone holdout in breaking the media's embargo of Iranian propaganda and published the facts.

The Houthis, a Zaidi-Shiite religious movement turned rebel militia, control an expanse of northern and western Yemen that is home to more than 70 percent of the country’s population. In these areas, officials and relief workers say, Houthi rebels have moved aggressively to control the flow of food aid, putting pressure on international relief workers with threats of arrest or exile and setting up checkpoints that demand payments of “customs taxes” as trucks carrying aid try to move across rebel territory.

“Since the Houthis came to power, looting has been on a large scale,” said Abdullah al-Hamidi, who served as acting education minister in the Houthi-run government in the north before defecting to the coalition side earlier this year. “This is why the poor get nothing. What really arrives to people is very little.”

Each month in Sanaa, he said, at least 15,000 food baskets that the education ministry was supposed to provide to hungry families were instead diverted to the black market or used to feed Houthi militiamen serving on the front lines.

Half of the food baskets that the U.N. food program provides to Houthi-controlled areas are stored and distributed by the ministry, which is chaired by the brother of the rebels’ top leader..

But the media has chosen to ignore the facts, and instead kept on printing the same Orwellian propaganda about how there would be plenty of food in Yemen if the Saudis stopped bombing the Houthis.

Plenty of Senate Republicans, who seem to get their foreign news from the Washington Post, climbed on board.

Then procedural problems arose, in part of because of Rep. Omar's anti-Semitic outbursts, leading to this deranged screed by Eric Levitz in New York Magazine. 

"The GOP Just Used Crocodile Tears About Anti-Semitism to Abet Mass Murder in Yemen - New York Magazine"

At no point in time does Eric Levitz mention that he is defending an anti-Semitic terrorist group. The only time he mentions the Houthis is when he's dismissing the significance of the Holocaust.

 For all the Holocaust’s idiosyncratic features, on the individual level, it was experienced as mass murder; and mass murder is not an exceptional feature of human history. You don’t need to be a Polish Jew in the 1930s to see your family slaughtered because one powerful group wants your kind dead, while the others have no particular interest in keeping them alive. You could just as well be a Lakota “Indian” in late 19th-century South Dakota, or a Palestinian refugee at Sabra in 1982, or a malnourished mother in Houthi-controlled Yemen today. If I refuse to define my grandmother by her ethnicity and religion (as those who orphaned her did) — if I insist on remembering her primarily as a human being rather than as a Jew — then Republicans have no interest in respecting the historical traumas 

Levitz equates the Houthis, who call for the murder of Jews, with the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, while dismissing the relevance of anti-Semitism. And it comes complete with the traditional lefty minstrel show of, "I'm a human being, not a Jew."

That turns into, "The Jews are the Real Nazis".

In fact, as McConnell has just demonstrated, Republicans (and some Democrats) don’t just refuse to acknowledge any moral tension between intoning “never again,” and facilitating atrocities in Yemen (or obfuscating the president’s hate speech against Native Americans, Muslims, and immigrants, or Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians)

While Levitz yowls about the Muslim majority in Yemen, there was indeed a Jewish minority in Yemen that was ethnically cleansed. Eric Levitz and New York Magazine predictably don't care about them. They're Jews. And they support the anti-Semitic Jihadist killers of Jews.

There is a simple lesson here

The Left is an inherently anti-Semitic movement. It is an anti-Semitic movement because of its ideology, but also because it harbors a sizable component of persons of Jewish ethnic origin who violently hate the Jewish people. 

Any movement filled with people like Eric Levitz will become anti-Semitic. 

This form of bigotry is not entirely unique to Jews. Most oppressed minority groups have outbursts of group self-hatred (this is distinct from individual self-hatred, a common mistake when referring to 'self-hating Jews'. But the situation among Jews is far worse for cultural reasons that are largely present among secular Ashkenazi Jews due to their post-Enlightenment history.

The Holocaust has not made this group less anti-Semitic, only more so. And so they will, like Levitz, cheer actual modern day Nazis while dismissing the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. And then put on their cheap facade of moral outrage on behalf of the anti-Semites.



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