Nike Stock Loss $1.1 Billion After Social Justice Shoe Injures Player

If only Nike had spent the money it was giving to Colin Kaepernick for "social justice" on improving shoe quality

When companies go "woke", it's usually because they have an overpriced low quality product and a strong, but shaky market share.

Think of it as Communist marketing. You can't offer people anything. You're ripping them off. Time to fly the red flag.

That's what Gillette and Nike had in common.

Nike used to make good sneakers for actual athletes These days its poster boy thinks kneeling is a spectator sport. The last pair of Nike sneakers I had cost too much and came apart.

So I'm not surprised to see this happen.

Nike has had $1.1bn knocked off its stock market value as after what is being called one of the most expensive apparel failures in history.

The company’s value tumbled by 1.7 per cent on Thursday as it was repeatedly blamed for a sprained knee to rising basketball star Zion Williamson, seen by millions live on TV.

Sports lovers across the US watched in horror as the teenager was crocked when his Nike trainer tore apart mid-shot during a high profile college match.

They're just finding out what anyone who bought and wore Nike recently knows. The sneakers are low quality, overpriced junk that doesn't stand up to anything more than a brisk walk every few days.

This might have happened to Colin Kaepernick, but kneeling isn't too demanding on your shoes.

If only Nike had spent the money it was giving to Colin Kaepernick for "social justice" on improving shoe quality and working conditions for its laborers. But instead Nike went woke. Here comes the broke.


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