"Post-Trump Sex Disorder" is Everything the Media Is

Now to be fair, this is Salon. And the last time Salon was relevant, everyone was on Myspace. It's one of those strange lefty relics, like Slate, which nobody really pays attention to, so it spends all its time in the corner shouting even louder to get someone to notice.

That's how we end up with this.

Has Trump wrecked our sex life? "Post-Trump Sex Disorder" is real, says sex therapist

It's got everything. Pseudoscience, anti-Trump clickbait, and a new DSM category for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Donald Trump has made America's mental health crisis much worse

Yes, he has.

We're at unprecedented levels of lefty craziness. It's not his fault though. Just because you think a dog is telling you to kill people, doesn't mean it's the dog's fault. Just because Trump makes you scream at the sky, doesn't mean it's his fault that you're marching around in a private parts hat while browsing Russian conspiracy theory sites like Occupy Democrats, The Bulwark or the Washington Post.

Donald Trump's negative impact on mental health extends to the intimate sexual lives of many people as well.

Is there anything that isn't Trump's fault?

What is "Post-Traumatic Trump Disorder"? How does Donald Trump's misogyny and other unhealthy behavior towards women reflect deeper systemic cultural problems in America around gender, sex, and intimacy?

This is basically the entire media.

Here's the formula.

Trump clickbait + Identity politics + Conspiracy theory = Story

Some media types might sneer, but this is the same formula they're using.