Southern Poverty Law Center Blames Trump for Increase in Black Nationalist Hate Groups

Every year, the grifters of the Southern Poverty Law Center release their new "hate map" and claims a huge rise in "hate groups", even if they have to fake the increase. And, ever since Trump's victory, the SPLC invariably blames the increase on President Trump.

Even if it makes no sense.

This time around, the Southern Poverty Law Center blames the increase in white nationalist hate groups on Trump. And then, confusingly, the increase in black nationalist hate groups on Trump.

In its Rage Against Change report, the SPLC claims that, "The total number of hate groups rose to 1,020 in 2018, up about 7 percent from 2017. White nationalist groups alone surged by nearly 50 percent last year, growing from 100 chapters in 2017 to 148 in 2018. But at the same time, Trump has energized black nationalist hate groups — typically antisemitic and anti-LGBT organizations — with an increase to 264 from 233 in 2017. "

Trump has energized black nationalist hate groups?

Then the SPLC claims that, "Overall, though, the great majority of hate groups are those that despise racial, ethnic or religious minorities and they, unlike black nationalist groups, have a firm foothold in the mainstream."


Someone might want to tell that to Obama, Keith Ellison, the leaders of the Women's March, and the long list of hip-hop artists who palled around with the Nation of Islam.

Is there any rational argument for claiming that the KKK, which couldn't get a meeting with a dogcatcher, is more in the mainstream than the Nation of Islam, which was photographed with Barack Obama, and whose former member nearly ended up running the DNC?

That makes as much sense as blaming Trump for black nationalist hate groups.

But the SPLC is an incoherent scam whose ratings make no sense, whose listings are an assortment of bad data and lies, whose hate map has caused at least one terrorist attack, but which keeps being taken seriously by the media, despite everything.


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