Vice President Pence Calls for Standing Up to Mass Murder of Jews at Auschwitz, Left Declines

The pro-Iran Left keeps appropriating the Holocaust even as it advocates on behalf of a regime that is funding the murder of Jews everyday and that is plotting the mass murder of millions of Jews.

At Auschwitz, the Polish death camp administered by the Nazis, Vice President Mike Pence called out the hypocrisy of the EU and the Left.

US Vice President Mike Pence visited the former German Nazi death camp of Auschwitz in Poland on Friday, amid a four-day trip to Europe.

Around 1.1 million people – mostly Jews — were murdered by the Nazis at the site during the Holocaust.

Later on Friday, Pence tweeted: “May Auschwitz be a reminder to all people and all times that to fall silent in the face of evil is to ensure its triumph. #NeverAgain”

On Thursday, at a US-sponsored Middle East diplomatic summit in Warsaw, Pence called out European countries for undermining American sanctions on Iran.

After visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, Pence said the Nazi death camp had made him more determined to confront Tehran, saying it was “breathing out murderous threats, with the same vile antisemitic hatred that animated the Nazis in Europe.”

“For me it simply strengthens my resolve … to stand strong against Iran,” Pence told reporters on his Air Force Two plane before arriving in Munich.

However, the tougher stance comes as the European Union is trying to keep the nuclear deal alive and has developed a mechanism to open a channel to continue to trade with Iran, bringing sharp criticism of Brussels from Pence on Thursday.

The Left insists on reducing anti-Semitism to "white supremacy" while refusing to address the non-white movements which, like Iran's Islamists or Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, admire Hitler and openly speaking of the mass murder of Jews.