11 Muslim Terrorists Plotted to Kill as Many "Infidels" as Possible

The media has milked its, "Man bites dog" story as much as it could. Now can we go back to dealing with the commonplace "Dog bites man" situation which keeps happening on an almost non-stop basis?

Police in Germany have arrested 11 people during a series of raids on a group of people suspected of planning an Islamist terror attack using a vehicle and firearms. The aim of the alleged attack was to ‘kill as many “infidels” as possible’, Frankfurt prosecutors said, according to DPA.

The Islamic terrorists allegedly planned to use guns and a vehicle in a terrorist attack. That sounds like a combination Car Jihad and shooting spree.

That sounds like an attack that could have killed dozens, hundreds or even more. But we can't really talk about it. Or about how frequently plots like these keep popping up. Or what that reveals about the scale of the problem when 11 people are arrested in a massacre plot.

Not one. Not two or three. Eleven.



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