2nd Gillibrand Adviser Accused of Sexual Harassment

The rule of thumb is that the more they shout #MeToo and #TimesUp, the more sexual harassment they have in their closet. Let's not forget that this whole thing began with Harvey Weinstein pushing campus rape hoaxes.

It's only fitting that the #MeToo senator should have a growing #MeToo problem.

A second top adviser to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has made advocacy for women and the #MeToo movement central to her 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, departed over an allegation of sexual harassment, the Washington Examiner can reveal.

Marc Brumer, 32, the New York Democrat's communications director, resigned from Gillibrand's staff in spring 2017 after making at least one sexist remark that distressed and offended a more junior woman who worked as a scheduler, two former Gillibrand aides told the Washington Examiner.

But Brumer continued to be paid despite his misconduct. He was not dismissed and was kept on Gillibrand's staff. He remained on the senator's payroll "for about three months after the incident, even though he didn’t do any work," one former aide said.

Unlike Malik, Gillibrand's first accused adviser who was basically her driver and a glorified gofer, Brumer is the real deal. And, tellingly, in both cases, Gillibrand's office seems to have played cover-up.

That's particularly damning for a #MeToo politico who built her whole brand on fighting cover ups of sexual harassment.


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