84% of Democrats Still Believe in Trump Collusion

You know that something may be a conspiracy theory when it's unfalsifiable. No amount of evidence could possibly disprove it. You believe it because you want to believe it.

That's what I briefly discuss in my piece on Mueller's fan club today.

They already know what the truth is. They merely needed Mueller to prove what they know. Or, as a recent New York Times op-ed put it, "We Don’t Need to Read the Mueller Report: Even if it is never released, the public already knows enough."

Like all holy books, the Mueller report is more than its mere text. It is the faith of its followers. They will go on believing in a true Mueller report while dismissing the real report and the real Mueller.

And the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll backs that up.

Reuters' own biased coverage hides the real numbers by quoting the totals without breaking down Democrats and Republicans.

The actual numbers show that 84% of Democrats agree with the statement, "I think that President Trump or someone from his campaign worked with Russia to influence the 2016 election."

57% strongly agree. And 27% somewhat agree. Only 9% disagree. Only 7% are humble enough to claim that they don't know.

The Kool-Aid has been drunk.

Collusion is a core Dem tenet now. There's no escape from it. The calls for impeachment. The endless futile investigations. The transformation of the Dem agenda into the familiar Trump obsession that Dem leaders have tried to stop. But just can't.

It's a cult now. 

No amount of reports or investigations can disprove it.


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