Anne Frank Center Compares ISIS Terrorists to Jews in Holocaust

Two things to remember about the various Anne Frank centers around the world.

1. They have nothing to do with any Jewish community, but are run by radical leftists and are sometimes downright anti-Semitic.

2. They have nothing to do with a teenage girl who died in a Nazi concentration camp.

This is yet another in a series of disgusting incidents by Anne Frank centers.

The Anne Frank educational center in the German city of Frankfurt is under intense fire for comparing Jews during the Holocaust with Islamic State terrorists in a series of Tweets on Wednesday.

The center appeared to object to a German government plan to strip German Islamic State fighters of their citizenship. Anne Frank’s center wrote that “protests formed against the plan” in connection with a reference to the Third Reich.

The Tweet continued, “Their assets were confiscated. Among other things, Albert Einstein was affected on the grounds that he had ‘violated the duty of loyalty to the Reich and the people."'

Einstein, ISIS, who can tell the difference?

The Anne Frank Center in Frankfurt appears to be backed by the Anne-Frank-Fonds in Switzerland, which has been caught funding BDS and assorted anti-Israel groups. At this point, proceeds from sales of Anne Frank's diary potentially go to BDS groups.

It's the ultimate perversion. 

Using the memory of a murdered Jewish girl to support the persecution of Jews.

So why not enlist Anne Frank in support of ISIS?


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