Bezos Blamed Trump and the Saudis, It Was His Mistress' Brother-in-Law

Occam's Razor is sharp and unrelenting. It cuts conspiracy theories into little pieces.

The answer to 'whodunit' is usually the most obvious suspect with the means to do it.

But Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the universe, and the boss of Amazon, the owner of the Washington Post and its many 'journalists' and minions, began pushing the claim that the National Enquirer had only published the story of his affair as part of a Trump/Saudi conspiracy having to do with Islamist terror hack Jamal Khashoggi. Bezos tried to portray himself as a hero for "standing up" to the Enquirer.

The media, always in love with a good Trump conspiracy theory, quickly joined in. The Enquirer, a major media target, was accused of doing Trump's bidding.

Now the Wall Street Journal, which lately has stepped in to perform acts of journalism, clearing away the media's nonsense from a simple story, did it again.

The sum total of the WSJ piece is that...

1. The affair story was sold by the brother of Bezos' mistress to the Enquirer for $200K

2. Pecker had been nervous about publishing the story because he didn't want legal problems and didn't think people would be interested. 

3. The Enquirer was afraid that it would be accused of killing the story to protect Bezos and went ahead and ran it anyway.

In other words, the opposite of everything the media and Bezos had been claiming.

The media, as usual, lies. It's the captive of powerful interests like Bezos who use it to spread their lies.