Boston Globe Editorial Accuses David Horowitz, Pro-Trump Jews of Being Nazis

Placing an op-ed piece in even a local newspaper is really hard. It's not hard if you're a leftist, but it's an uphill struggle if you're a conservative. Meanwhile major papers will run any crazy, defamatory, hatefilled rant as long as it's from the left attacking the right.

At a time when the Democrats are mainstreaming anti-Semitism, the Boston Globe decided to run a hit piece headlined, "A shocking number of Jews have become willing collaborators in white supremacy".

The author, S.I. Rosenbaum, hates Israel, Jews and defends anti-Semitism. In a Twitter thread about her Boston Globe hate piece, she tweeted, "I was going to write about how lightskinned Jews can't afford to break with allies of color over antisemitic microaggressions, because our only hope of survival as a people is ride-or-die coalition with other minority groups."

S.I. Rosenbaum also thanked her editor for encouraging her to go all out on this. And go all out she did.

The deranged hatefilled rant by S.I. Rosenbaum accuses Jewish Trump supporters of being Nazis. And pretty much all Republicans.

"A shocking number of Jews have become willing collaborators in white supremacy — not only public bigots such as Ben Shapiro and David Horowitz, but kapos in the openly ethnonationalist Trump regime, such as Stephen Miller or Jared Kushner," S.I. Rosenbaum rants.

The accusations aimed at Horowitz and Shapiro are vile and disgusting. But the context is that, according to S.I. Rosenbaum, anyone who isn't a member of a leftist anti-Semitic hate group, like Black Lives Matter or the PFLP, is a Nazi.

It's the same propaganda that Soviet apologists used to justify Stalin's mass murder of Jews while calling any Jewish opponents of Communism, Nazis. These are the same people who claimed that Communist anti-Semitic cartoons of hook nosed Jews wrapped in stars of david were no big deal. Now they're out in force defending Rep. Omar's anti-Semitism.

If anyone is a Kapo, it's leftists who insist on diverting money to the Muslim terrorists who are literally paid for every Jew they kill.

But S.I. Rosenbaum of course doesn't stop until she reaches a defense of actual Stalinism, which was responsible or the mass murder of countless Jews in gulags.

"In doing so, Cohen was following in the footsteps of Roy Cohn, Trump’s old mentor. Cohn had been Joseph McCarthy’s right hand in the Red Scare witch hunt of the 1950s, the lawyer who helped send Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to the electric chair, a gay Jew who sold out Jews and homosexuals without a second thought," S.I. Rosenbaum writes, celebrating two Communist spies serving an anti-Semitic regime whose actions helped bring the world closer to total destruction.

These are S.I. Rosenbaum's heroes.

Then, because the Boston Globe has fewer standards than Tumblr or MSNBC, S.I. Rosenbaum accuses Justice Thomas and Ben Carson of being white supremacists.

"Other minorities make this bargain too, sometimes — look at Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas," S.I. Rosenbaum rants.

So the Boston Globe finds it appropriate to run a piece falsely accusing Jews... and some of the most talented black men in this country, of being white supremacists with no evidence other than the author's bad chemicals and worse ideology.

Stalinist nuclear spies are heroes. David Horowitz is a white supremacist. Just like Ben Carson.

Pravda had higher standards for its raving bigotry and anti-Semitism than the Boston Globe does.


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