Dem Farrakhan Fan Compares Trump to Hitler

It's one of history's great ironies that the party calling itself Democratic has become so allergic to democracy that its leaders spend all their time trying to reverse the results of the 2016 election using money from dot com billionaires.

Because 'democracy'.

Here's Rep. Clyburn, who has experienced as many democratic elections as Kim Jong-un.

The third-ranking Democrat in the House on Tuesday called President Donald Trump and his family “the greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime,” saying Congress needed to do more to respond to the president's attempts to undermine American institutions.

Responding to Trump's renewed attacks on the late Sen. John McCain, Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., went so far as to resurface his previous comparison of the president's actions to those of Hitler.

In an interview with NBC News, Clyburn noted that he had once been asked if he has ever seen a toxic political climate like today’s, and that while he hadn’t, he has studied ones like it.

"Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany. And he went about the business of discrediting institutions to the point that people bought into" it,” he said.

We're getting Hitler analogies from the guy who just minimized the experience of the Holocaust to defend Rep. Omar's anti-Semitism.

As Democrats line up to defend Rep. Ilhan Omar and come up with her excuses for her anti-Semitism, House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., tried to minimize her comments by arguing that she escaped violence in Somalia, so her experience was "more personal" than Jews who merely had parents survive the Holocaust.

The article quotes Clyburn as saying, “There are people who tell me, ‘Well, my parents are Holocaust survivors.’ ‘My parents did this.’ It’s more personal with her ... I’ve talked to her, and I can tell you she is living through a lot of pain

It's even worse than that because Clyburn has hung out with Louis Farrakhan. The leader of an anti-Semitic hate group who praised Hitler.

"I want to thank Minister Farrakhan for offering up a number of precepts that we ought to adhere to,” Rep. James Clyburn said, at an event featuring the anti-Semitic hate group leader.

Rep. Clyburn is one of the most powerful figures in the House. He’s also one of Farrakhan’s allies in the House who had once rejected a call from Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center to withdraw from an appearance with Farrakhan and declared that he was “not bothered in the least bit.”

After protests against Omar’s anti-Semitism, Clyburn stayed the course by working to ensure that the resolution would not focus on anti-Semitism and would not name Omar.

Clyburn isn't Hitler, but he appears to be a fan of a guy who likes Hitler and aspires to be him.

If anybody in this story can be Hitler-shamed, it's not Trump, it's Clyburn.

P.S. The third most powerful Dem in the House is also hopelessly illiterate. Hitler was not elected. Much like Clyburn. He was selected.