Dem Resolution Will Condemn All Hate, Except Their Own Anti-Semitism

Good news.

The Dem resolution on anti-Semitism will now condemn all hate. Except their own hate.

The whole point of this resolution was to condemn Rep. Omar's anti-Semitism. But the Congressional Black Caucus and its Farrakhan pals, and the Progressive Caucus, made sure that Rep. Omar and then Anti-Semitism would be stripped out. 

All that's left is a resolution condemning... hate.

How boldly courageous. What a noble stand to take.

It reminds me of the politician who's caught having an affair and then condemns all adultery.  By anyone. Anywhere.

Or the CEO who is caught defrauding his own company and responds by condemning all dishonesty.

Jewish Dems had a minimum ask of at least getting the Dems to condemn anti-Semitism. They ended up with 'bupkes'.

This is almost as noble as the time that Obama insisted that the Jews targeted in an Islamic terrorist attack in France were just random folks killed in a deli.

This resolution is the "Random Folks in a Deli" of Democrat anti-Semitism.


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