As Democrats Normalize Anti-Semitism, a Jexodus Momentum is Building

Rep. Ilhan Omar played a game of chicken with the Democrats, making a series of anti-Semitic statements and betting that they would blink. And the blink has all but happened. The second toothless resolution condemning anti-Semitism, but not Omar, is stalled.

A high pressure media campaign has rolled out across major papers, the New York Times, the Washington Post, not to mention the usual digital media smear sites, normalizing and defending Rep. Omar's anti-Semitic comments.

The Progressive Caucus is standing by her. As is the Congressional Black Caucus, which has met with Farrakhan, and has its own issues with anti-Semitism. Look for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and some of her cohort, which have defended Omar's anti-Semitism, to start claiming the heads of some of her Jewish critics, like Rep. Engel, as the Corbynization of the Democrats get underway.

The Corbynization of the Democrats will leave Jews with few options as the party turns not only anti-Israel, but overly anti-Semitic, as Corbyn's Labour has. And it's important to note that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her DSA mothership are Corbyn allies.

When the process is properly underway, only the most radical leftists of Jewish origin, who are willing to work non-stop to defend anti-Semites, will be able to remain in the party. 

Meanwhile the Jexodus momentum is slowly building. The process is partly generational. It will decisively split millennials between Jewish and leftist allegiances. There will be plenty of leftists with Jewish last names vocally defending the DNC's anti-Semitism, but they will not consider themselves Jewish, except where briefly politically convenient, whose those who identify as Jewish will leave.

This will be a slow and ugly process. Jexodus would make it quicker. It's the difference between leaving Egypt and having to be expelled.

Exile is a difficult condition. Some seek to escape it. Others desperately cling to it and have to be physically expelled from it. There is no future for the Jews on the Left. History amply testifies to that from the Soviet Union to Latin America. The Jexodus is inevitable. The question is whether it will be an honorable and dignified departure, or a cringing expulsion.

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