Dems Will Fight Any Alternative to Public Schools

If President Trump wanted to go the Obama route, he could sign an executive order on school choice and then force the Dems to try and deny it to the parents sending their children to Catholic schools. The administration isn't doing that. Instead it announced a very limited push for a tax credit.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Republican lawmakers have announced a proposed tax credit that would go toward donations to private school scholarships and other school choice initiatives.

According to DeVos, states could choose whether or not they want to participate. (Many states already have programs on the books that grant tax breaks to residents who donate to scholarship programs.)

This is the most limited move imaginable. 

It takes no money out of the failed public school system. It provides no money. All it does is make it easier for parents, who are already burdened with crippling property tax bills to fund public school unions (and the Democrats they fund) to afford an alternative.

And that means that the Dems will fight it tooth and nail.

It seems unlikely this new legislation will make it through the now Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

"Secretary DeVos keeps pushing her anti-public school agenda despite a clear lack of support from parents, students, teachers, and even within her own party," Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said in a Thursday statement. "Congress has repeatedly rejected her privatization efforts and she should expect nothing less here."

This isn't a privatization effort. 

The only effect on public schools is that students will have the option to go to a better private school. And that's what Murray and the Dems violently oppose.

It's why New York and California's political bosses are going after charter schools. 

This isn't about education. It's about power.