The Difference Between Trump's Nork Negotiations and Obama's Iran Negotiations

The media is doing its predictable end zone dance over the collapse of the North Korean nuclear talks. And, as usual, it misses the point.

The difference between Donald Trump and Bill Clinton's Nork talks is that Trump was willing to walk away. Bill Clinton wasn't. And that's why the United States got roped into a bad deal while the Norks kept their nuclear program going. When George W. Bush finally blew the whistle on the scam, the media attacked him, just as it attacked Trump for blowing the whistle on the scam arms control pact with Russia.

Obama's inability to walk away from Iran negotiations led him to not only make a bad deal that protected Iran's nuclear program, but that sold out allies, including Israel, alienated most of Iran's neighbors, and even abandoned captured American military personnel.

Once Iran realized that Obama would never walk away, its negotiators, terrorists and leaders pushed as hard as they could.

President Trump meanwhile once again demonstrated that the Obama legacy of Appeasement Uber Alles no longer defines how America acts. We're not suckers anymore.