EU Antisemitism Czar: Muslim Migrants Can Be Cured of Anti-Semitism

The EU has a big job these days.

1. Curing Muslim migrants of wanting to shoot up concerts, ramming cars into Christmas markets and bombing airports.

2. Curing Muslim migrants of groping young girls in swimming pools and sexually assaulting women at New Year's Eve events

3. Curing Muslims of bombing and shooting up synagogues, Jewish stores and murdering Jewish girls in schools

So far the EU hasn't done so well with 1 and 2. I'm not so confident about 3.

Migrants to Europe who have rid themselves of dictators can free themselves as well of antisemitic prejudices, the EU’s Coordinator on Combating Antisemitism said on Wednesday.

Katharina von Schnurbein said that people “who have taken upon themselves the challenge of ridding themselves of dictatorships, and making their way to Europe, are capable of stripping themselves of antisemitic prejudices if it is raised with the context of integration measures.”

They weren't fleeing dictators because they realized tyranny is wrong. They wanted Islamist regimes that would reflect their own tribalism. 

This "whiskey, sexy, democracy" stuff is a delusion. There are some that want WSD. Most just want a better life, which they tend to interpret as an Islamic one.

That has dangerous consequences. 

To say it in Eurospeak, these are fundamentalist, nationalist and religious movements. They're not democratic ones.


Muslim migrants have the right to be anti-Semitic. That's not a European perspective, but it is an American one. The problem is that a certain percentage of them act on those views. A larger percentage will work politically to transform Europe into countries with official anti-Semitic policies. That is what's happening to UK Labour. Omar and Tlaib are giving the Democrats a taste of that.

Assuming that you can reeducate people out of their religious beliefs, anti-Semitism is a fundamental part of the Koran and Islamic teachings, is foolish and totalitarian.

Europe has difficult choices to make. And it keeps retreating into socialist fantasies to escape making them.