House Dems Brought in a Soros Group to Fix Anti-Semitism, It Made Anti-Semitic Jokes

How disastrous are the attempts to rein in leftist anti-Semitism in the Dem House?

The Washington Post, in between providing space to Islamist anti-Semites, did a sympathetic piece on a session, largely focusing on Rep. Tlaib's crocodile tears. Media pieces have had the same focus. But here's what they chose not to dwell on.

Rep. Andy Levin (Mich.), a former labor organizer and synagogue president, began organizing a more formal event that would focus on anti-Semitism, calling on leaders of a liberal Jewish group, Bend the Arc, to attend and moderate the discussion.

Bringing in Bend the Arc was like bringing in the KKK to moderate a discussion about tolerance. Bend the Arc is a leftist anti-Jewish group linked to George Soros that has denied the existence of leftist and minority anti-Semitism.

Levin had hoped the leftward tilt of the organization would make it easier to discuss such a sensitive topic with liberal members who sympathize with Palestinians. He also extended the invitation to freshmen allies of Omar and Tlaib — including Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.) — in hopes of making the two Muslim women more comfortable. 

When the small group convened, tensions emerged almost immediately. A Bend the Arc facilitator made a joke about Jews and money to try to clear the air. But Rep. Jahana Hayes (Conn.), one of the freshman allies invited to join the session, grew serious and asked why the facilitator could talk like that when someone like Hayes could not.

“It’s not okay,” Hayes said this past week when asked about the specific exchange. “These [sorts of jokes] are off-limits. It’s confusing for someone like me who is trying to learn.”

Bend the Arc is anti-Semitic. So not a surprise. Hayes is one of the new Dem prog heroines. 

Levin brought in a group that was supposed to explain why anti-Semitic stereotypes are wrong, but lefties with Jewish last names routinely traffic in those stereotypes instead, making things even worse.


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