How Many Jewish Orgs Have Put Out a Statement on the Murder of Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger?

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Any establishment Jewish organization worth its weight in press releases has put some out, held a vigil, sent out a letter and put on some sort of event over the shooting in New Zealand.

How many of them have or intend to put out a statement about the murder of Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger?

How many even know he was murdered? How many care?

A simple way to tell which organizations serve the Jewish community and which serve the Left would be to calculate the differential.

 Here's the story of Rabbi Ettinger, who died trying to save people from an Islamic terrorist attack. It's a story worth telling. But it's a pity that no establishment Jewish group can be bothered to care.

Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, one of the three Israeli victims in a pair of terror attacks in Samaria on Sunday, has passed away, after succumbing to his wounds on Monday.

The family of Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, who was critically wounded in the terror attack in Samaria on Sunday, said that Rabbi Ettinger passed the scene and realized that a terrorist was attempting to carry out an attack. He was already a distance from the scene but turned his car around and approached the terrorist, firing four bullets in an attempt to neutralize him, until the terrorist’s bullets critically wounded him.

Ettinger, 47, a resident of the Israeli town of Eli in Samaria, is survived by his wife and 12 children, ages one to 20.

A prominent educator in the national-religious sector, Rabbi Ettinger served as the dean of the Oz V’Emunah hesder yeshiva in the Neve Sha'anan neighborhood of south Tel Aviv.

In a better world, a decent world, there would have been half as much outrage over this murder by the Jewish establishment organizations as there was over the Otzma list. It would have made the covers of local Jewish papers and magazines the way that the attacks hurled at Netanyahu over that matter did.

Sadly, we don't live in that world.

In the world we live in, Rabbi Ettinger's death goes unmentioned while the establishment frantically virtue signals to show its goodness.

If you want to know which organizations serve the Jewish community and which just fundraise off it, watch to see which issue a statement on Rabbi Ettinger's death and which don't.


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