The Mueller Report Proves the Media is Fake News

Since 2016, the media has been howling about the threat of fake news while dishing out conspiracy theories to profitably pander to its deranged base of lefties convinced Trump would be locked up as a Russian spy. The semi-clever hacks got out while the going was good.

Like Keith Olbermann who declared victory and abandoned the #Resistance while the Washington Post was just warming up. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, the slightly more masculine version of Olbermann, joined the media in riding the conspiracy theory all the way down.


Did the media have a plan for when the Mueller report wouldn't deliver? 

Why bother?

There are three categories of people who still read, watch and believe the media.

1. Lefties

2. Washington D.C. types

3. Idiots

None of them are going to ask for their money back.

The former will be convinced that it's all a cover-up. Before long we'll hear that Mueller was also a Russian agent. The latter are too stupid to care and have no attention span. They'll also be convinced that Trump is working with the Russians by whatever random things they take in from the media. And the D.C. types will spin new talking points and redirect attention to New York.

The media got into the business of spinning conspiracy theories. That's the definition of fake news. And it used those conspiracy theories to put itself in the position of being able to censor social media to fight fake news conspiracy theories.

No need to rebuild the Reichstag. Burning it down pays too well.