Obama Judge Claims Trump Has No Right to Drop Obama Drilling Ban

Obama judges have engaged in two kinds of blatant activist sabotage of his successor.

1. Claims of insufficient procedural consideration, notice, consideration, etc... 

2. The insistence that Obama executive orders, permissions and bans are somehow now permanent legal status, and his successor has no right to act contrary to his unilateral diktats.

The latter is the case with the latest case of judicial activism by Judge Sharon Gleason, an Obama judge, combating offshore drilling

“The wording of President Obama’s 2015 and 2016 withdrawals indicates that he intended them to extend indefinitely, and therefore be revocable only by an act of Congress,” said Gleason, who was nominated to the bench by Obama.

This fits a pattern of decisions by Obama judges claiming that Obama's moves, whether DACA illegal alien amnesty or wildlife refuges, are permanent. America isn't an empire or a monarchy. But Obama nominated judges who insist on maintaining his rule long after he left office.


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