Obama's Brunei's Islamic Pals May Begin Stoning Gay People Next Week

We are repeatedly told that only Islamophobes question the virtues of Islamic Sharia law. They've made a choice between Islamophobia and Homophobia. And they're not even apologizing to the gay people whom Sharia has killed and is about to kill in Brunei.

Brunei could start whipping or stoning gay people to death next week when strict new laws are introduced, human rights groups have warned.  

The tiny oil-rich nation already implements Sharia laws, with homosexuality punishable with up to ten years in prison.

But from the start of next month the government plans to amend the penal code to mean LGBT people and adulterers could be stoned to death, with thieves facing having hands or feet amputated. 

The new penalty for theft is amputation of the right hand for a first offence, and the left foot for a second offence. 


Islam is so enlightened that there's no doubt we should welcome Sharia law in America.

The Sultan, who has reigned since 1967, has previously said the Shariah Penal Code should be regarded as a form of 'special guidance' from Allah and would be 'part of the great history' of Brunei. 

Under a shift towards hardline Islamic law, Brunei in 2015 banned excessive Christmas celebrations for fear that Muslims could be led astray.

If only lefties were as outraged over this, as they are over any time Israel kills an Islamic terrorists.

You know who was a fan of Brunei?

President Obama couldn't resist a few cracks Tuesday with the sultan of Brunei.

Noting that Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah flew his own airplane to the United States -- a 747, no less -- Obama said: "So in case Air Force One pilots have problems, we know who to consult."

The president then pointed out that the sultan and his family are flying to New York.

"We're going to encourage him to do some shopping because we want to continue to strengthen the U.S. economy," Obama said.

And Brunei's Islamist tyrant loved him right back.

The State Department reported Tuesday that the queen of Brunei gave Mrs. Obama jewelry worth $71,468 in 2013. The flower-shaped white gold earrings, ring and necklace were studded with yellow sapphires and diamonds, according to the department’s annual accounting of gifts published in the Federal Register. That’s almost seven times more valuable than the most expensive gift received by President Barack Obama, a glass amber-colored sculpture of a falcon on a branch worth $10,400 from Qatar’s ambassador to the U.S.

Islamists always loved the Obamas.


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