Southern Poverty Law Center Loses Its 2nd Boss

Richard Cohen, the Southern Poverty Law Center's president, has followed Morris Dees, its founder, out the door.

The purge is just beginning with Michelle Obama associate Tina Tchen hunting through the SPLC for racism and sexism. The irony and the poetic justice is obvious. And the schadenfreude comes naturally.

I was among the SPLC's targets, but I suffered a whole lot less than the Family Research Council, which suffered a terrorist attack, and others who were threatened, fire or lost their livelihoods.

It's a pleasure to see Dees and Cohen go down. But I suspect that the SPLC will reemerge as a more dangerous organization, that is more focused and more thoroughly allied with the hard left.

The Dees version of the SPLC was an elaborate scam in which money was extracted from lefties to target conservatives. But much of that money was not spent on the mission. The SPLC's work was sloppy, incompetent and haphazard.

The SPLC that will emerge from its ashes, I suspect, will be far more dangerous and far less vulnerable.