Trump Defeats ISIS

Despite the firm insistence of Barack Obama and his State Department flunkies, you can "bomb your way to victory".

You just actually have to drop the bombs, instead of using planes to drop warning notes on ISIS, as Obama was wont to do. And stand with our actual allies, the Kurds, rather than expecting Iran's Shiite militias, which were secretly working with ISIS to take over Iraq, or the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda militias cooperating with it to take over Syria, to do the dirty work. As Obama and his people plotted to do.

 The caliphate has crumbled, and the final offensive is over. While the official announcement hasn’t yet been made – Fox News has been told that this village, the last ISIS stronghold, is liberated.

It’s the first time since we’ve been here in Syria for five days that the bombs have stopped dropping and the gunfire has disappeared. We have witnessed the end of the caliphate – the brutal empire that once ruled over 8 million people – is gone.

Troops here are now bringing down the black flags of ISIS. The flags no longer fly over the town, instilling fear.

The last five days, Fox News has witnessed the last major offensive up close -– with U.S.-backed SDF forces attacking ISIS from three sides, pushing the fighters back, house to house, then tent to tent, against the Euphrates River.

The SDF is mainly Kurdish with some tribal and Christian participation.

While Obama allowed ISIS to build an empire, Trump has fiercely pushed it back with ruthless bombing campaigns and firm backing for our allies on the ground. 

ISIS videographers enjoyed showing off footage of the Muslim terror group with their knives at non-Muslim throats.

Now the knife is at its throat.