Trump Offers Israel and Netanyahu a Purim Present on the Golan Heights

I've said it before. But it bears repeating.

No other president. No other administration would be doing this. 

This is the first pro-Israel administration in American history.


The timing is perfect, both in that today is the Jewish holiday of Purim, commemorating the defeat of an evil genocidal plot aimed at the Jews within the Persian Empire, and Netanyahu's upcoming elections where Likud, for the first time, is polling above the fake 'centrist' leftist third party of Yair Lapid and Gantz.

And the media and the Left is howling.

But the Golan Heights are not going back. Does anyone seriously expect Israel to turn over a vital strategic area to Syria's Assad, who is little more than an Iranian puppet?

There's no uniquely Syrian population living there. It has no real value other than the strategic. 

President Trump has recognized common sense reality. A pity that the foreign policy "realists" refuse to do so.


Pro-Israel Jews should respond by thanking the President.