ACLU Wants Votes for Rapists and Murderers in Prison

Former civil rights organization, the ACLU, currently run as a Dem lobby, is vowing to spend millions of dollars on the 2020 election.

Its signature issue will be having murderers and rapists vote while in prison.

Every lefty idea, no matter how crazy, gets immediately mainlined by the Dem establishment. Abolish private health insurance? Sure. Ban cows and planes? Why not. Let serial killers serving life sentences vote? They'll vote for Democrats so it's a no-brainer.

It's encouraging pro-crime supporters to ask 2020 Dems questions like, "If you become President, would you commit to cutting the federal prison population in half by the end of your first term, and how would you achieve that?"

And, " Would you commit to cutting ICE [and Border Patrol’s] budgets".

And, "Will you guarantee that any health care plan includes full coverage for abortion".

And, the kicker, " Tell me, would you support the ability of people in prison to vote while still serving time?"

Forget the whole "restoring felon voting rights". The hot new lefty idea is giving votes to inmates currently in prison whom no one is even pretending have been rehabilitated. 

The Dems already work for criminals. They're just formalizing the arrangement.


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