All About the Benjamins: The More Anti-Semitic Things Rep. Omar Says, The More Money She Gets

Anti-Semitism pays. Literally.

When Rep. Omar said that it was all about the Benjamins, she may have been speaking from experience. As Charles Fain Lehman and Joe Schoffstall at Free Beacon note, a whole lot of money began coming her way after her anti-Semitic remarks.

Throughout the first quarter of the year, which spans from Jan. 1 to March 31, Omar's campaign pulled $822,024.29 in contributions from individuals, $414,000 of which came from small donors, or individuals providing less than $200 in total contributions to the campaign.

Most of the money was raised by the campaign following the Feb. 27 event that led to a stream of public headaches for Democrats. Omar's campaign hauled in just $24,331 in contributions in January while taking in $115,007 in donations in February—$23,360 of which came the day after the D.C. townhall event with Tlaib.

However, throughout March the congresswoman hauled in $265,429 in donations, according to an analysis of her campaign records.

Three of Omar's biggest days this year all came in March. On March 29, the campaign was given $49,400; on March 5 the campaign reported $45,397; and on March 27, the committee saw $29,360 in donations.

A closer look at the data reveals a notable jump in contributions to Omar in the period specifically following her and Tlaib's Busboys and Poets appearance. In the pre-appearance period, she raised an average of $6,443 per day; after her appearance, that figure jumps to $11,552 per day on average.

Controversy is the path to cash. The more ugly things Rep. Omar says, the more she becomes a standard bearer for the Left, and wins their support.


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