Biden Will Debut Campaign as He Sinks in the Polls

Governor Mario Cuomo of New York was the original Hamlet of the Dems, swinging back and forth between running and not running so many times that he became a running joke.

Biden backed out in 2016 to avoid running into the Clinton buzzsaw. This is his final chance, not just because of his age, but his dubious relevance, which is entirely wedded to the Obama/Biden brand. As Obama becomes less relevant, and he is day by day, so will Biden.

But, once again, Biden waited too long. He will debut his campaign to sinking poll numbers, one lefty poll barely had him hovering over Biden, and diminishing interest.

Team Biden had calculated that their best entry team would be as field fatigue set in and voters would look to an established brand. And it wasn't a bad move. Field fatigue has set in. But there's no excitement for Biden. And Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttgieg have secured a 2nd and 3rd place following.

That might change at any time. 

And Biden has already been scarred by a #MeToo scandal. More are waiting. His debut looks clumsy. And potential plans to launch in Charlottesville, a blatant effort to lock down black voters based on his Obama resume, will face strong pushback from two black candidates in the race. 

Biden will still probably win. But he isn't showing a particularly competent pre-campaign. And that's even before the parade of trail gaffes begins. That doesn't bode well for his future.

And Dem voters will have a plethora of other choices.