Biden: World Leaders are Begging Me to Run

Joe Biden is a modest man, humble and self-effacing. He's only running because the entire world is begging him to.

On the call, an upbeat Biden said his candidacy was a calling, a duty — and that it’s not just Democrats or Americans who want him to run to stop President Donald Trump.

“I get calls from people all over the world — world leaders are calling me — and they’re almost begging me to do this, to save the country, save the world,” Biden said.

World leaders begging 'plugs' to grace them with his presence and retake America? Could one of them have been Neil Kinnock?

I do believe that a lot of people have begged Biden. But most of them were probably women begging him to get clammy hands off them.

Wasn't it all that long ago that the media was howling that foreign leaders shouldn't get involved in American elections. Except, apparently, when it favors them.

They're fine with world leaders urging Joe Biden to run. No collusion to see there. Just the collusion of reality and delusion.

But meanwhile, here's Joe Biden at his most charming and humble self.


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