Desperate Elizabeth Warren Calls for Trump's Impeachment

Senator Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign is dying on the vine. She can see her political future, one in which Massachusets voters grow bored with their lackluster socialist who hardly interacts with them, and replace her with a liberal Republican. And then she'll go back to a law firm and shill for the companies she's currently denouncing. 

Announcing a stream of five-year plans hasn't worked. What's left? Go hard on impeachment just as the Dem leadership is pivoting away from it. 

Senator Warren is demanding that the House initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump. That's easy for her to say. It dumps the problem on a House Dem leadership that doesn't want the job. And it allows Warren to draw a contrast between her radical cred and 'sellouts' like Pelosi. It's a desperation move and one that will alienate more fellow Democrats, burning bridges and her career.