Governor Ron DeSantis to Crack Down on Florida Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities are illegal. They create safe spaces for violations of immigration law. And those safe spaces are also spaces for criminality.

Now, Governor DeSantis is preparing to take them on in Florida.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing for a ban on sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Several bills making their way through the state legislature would effectively make it against the law for police departments to refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials. If a law enforcement official refuses, they could be fined or fired.

It's all an effort by the Republican-led state lawmakers, buoyed by DeSantis, to toughen the rules on illegal immigration. The sanctuary city ban, which passed the Senate Infrastructure and Security Committee, will be voted on by both chambers before May 3.

Florida is home to 775,000 illegal immigrants out of 10.7 million present in the United States, ranking the state third among all states.

It's generally not individual law enforcement officers or departments that are the problem, it's the elected officials who act as their bosses.

This is part of the larger struggle within Texas and Florida, between blue city municipalities and red electorates. California remains a national example of what happens when blue city municipalities beat red electorates by harnessing the power of migrants and illegal aliens.


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