"It's Time for Trump to Resign": Says MA Gov Who Resigned in Failed Bid for Ambassador to Mexico

The Bulwark, a lefty site funded by lefty Persian billionaire Pierre Omidyar, is where all the garbage in the GOP eventually ends up. Like Bill Weld, this year's David French, whose bid to lose hilarious to Trump is being cheered by the Kristolsphere.

"It's Time for Trump to Resign," Bill Weld writes at The Bulwark.

Weld ought to know. He resigned as Massachusets governor in a futile bid to get Bill Clinton to appoint him Ambassador to Mexico. He somehow managed to top that humiliation with a failed run in 2016 as Johnson's V.P. for the Libertarian nomination.

Now, Weld will challenge Trump for the Republican nomination. 

Maybe he ought to take his own advice and resign. From everything.